Religion - Youth Ministry is a Bachelor of Arts degree within the Religion and Theology Department. It is offered as a general major.

Prepare for ministry to youth, in a church, institution, or outreach organization. Courses on Christian Mission, Youth Culture and Spiritual Formation, Leadership in Ministry, Discipleship, and Teaching Scripture and the Christian Faith  are all shaped by an understanding of the biblical story centred on the gospel of Jesus Christ. This major is permeated by a focus on the development of character and skills to pursue God’s calling for discipleship, outreach, and cultural engagement.

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Featured Courses

  • Leadership, Coaching, and Mentoring in Ministry (REL-352)
  • Foundations of Evangelism and Discipleship (REL-353)
  • Youth Culture and Spiritual Formation (REL-355)

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Take your passion for ministry into Hamilton’s downtown through a variety of volunteer opportunities such as Deedz — a weekly program where a small group of students go downtown to offer hot chocolate & conversation to those on the street.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Connect with guest lecturers from other parts of the country and around the globe invited to speak at Redeemer.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Get involved in on-campus events where students engage biblical, theological, ethical, ministry and cultural issues.

Meet the Faculty

Dr. Ken Herfst Assistant Professor of Ministry

Married to Jackie for over 30 years, together they have five children and six grandchildren. In his spare time, Ken enjoys baking artisan bread a...

Student Story

Clarence Keesman
Business student ‘98


Clarence Keesman
Business student ‘98

" The Refuge is a drop-in facility that’s so much more than a drop-in facility. Our real mission is to get that sense of community, of family. True healing is not doing things for each person, but walking alongside them like a godly parent would and helping them overcome their struggles and their brokenness. We’re just living life together — because, frankly, we’re all broken. Jesus was in the trenches. He spent time with those who society deemed undesirable; he touched people physically with healing; he prepared meals for strangers. He just loved people. I always wanted to go into business because I wanted to ‘make God some money. But, I have kind of a Jonah story. I knew what God wanted me to do, but I didn’t want to do it. During four months in North Bay the familiar words of Matthew 6:33 kept appearing, at youth group, during devotions and on the radio: “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” My transition was actually smoother than it sounds. Because of the setting of the dorms and the family-style environment, I developed relationships quickly. I attribute that directly to the on-campus atmosphere and structure of the dorms. I always thought that I would be a marketer, in a high-towered ad agency somewhere on Bay Street in Toronto, making a six-figure salary. And yet, I ended up being streamed through the whole charitable, nonprofit field. I realized that the value of one’s work isn’t tied to the value of the dollars earned as much as it is to the lives you impact, the culture that you get to redeem and the service you can offer the Lord. My choice of employment, from thereon, has always been in the nonprofit sector because that’s where God has led and directed me. It seems like it’s hard, but it’s easy. I feel privileged to work here, to be a part of this community and to have these relationships with these youth. I get to see Jesus every day.           You can read more of Clarence’s story on Resound.     "


  • Chaplains
  • Campus outreach leaders
  • Missionaries
  • Camp directors
  • Teachers
  • Youth pastors
  • Drop-in centre directors

Graduate Programs

  • Master of Divinity (MDiv)
  • Master of Theology (ThM)
  • MA in Youth Ministry
  • MA in Christian Leadership
  • MA in Community Development
  • MDiv in Christian Education
  • MA in Religion and Culture
  • Christian Counselling Certificate

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