A Bedrock of Faith
A message from Redeemer's interim President.
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March 11, 2017

This May as each one before it, degrees will be signed, row by row, ready for the year’s convocation ceremony. A Class of 2017 composite will be framed and hung on the wall in the library, taking its place beside each class since 1986.

Redeemer has prepared graduating classes — the next generation of Christian leaders — for 35 years. The university’s graduates bear witness to the fact that faith lived in the church pew spills out into all of life.

Why? Because Redeemer students are shaped by the Reformed Christian commitment to see faith woven through all aspects of learning and life. In their university experience, they want to honour God in the classroom, in every discipline and program, on the field or court, in their dorms, in their off-campus learning and service opportunities.

And we remain committed to that overarching mission during this time of leadership transition. I am grateful to report that our Board is actively moving forward with the process of finding Redeemer’s next president, with the hope of an announcement later this year.

“Redeemer students are shaped by the Reformed Christian commitment to see faith woven through all aspects of learning and life.”

As the Board seeks our next president, the Redeemer 2020 strategic plan will continue to build on the vision of our founders. The 2020 plan’s program renewal, institutional profile-raising and resource stewardship efforts will not stall. We also acknowledge that financial challenges require hard decisions that negatively impact valuable colleagues, their families and our Redeemer community. We regret that pain is caused even as we remain committed to honour and steward student tuition dollars and the generous gifts of our supporters.

In our efforts to provide a firm foundation for the future, we are also pursuing strategic opportunities. And so in the coming year, we look forward to the launches and celebrations of key initiatives.

In all these things, as you will see throughout this issue of Resound, Redeemer is moving forward and continues to be a place where the next generation of leaders, whose foundation is a bedrock of faith in Jesus Christ, are prepared to foster God’s kingdom in families, communities and public and private institutions.

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