A Fresh Start
Alumni Council president Kristel Bulthuis looks forward to welcoming a new class of alumni this spring.
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April 3, 2017

There is something special that comes with the changing of the seasons, particularly when we transition from winter to spring. The ordinary miracles of fresh leaves on trees, bright colours in gardens and birds in trees. Spring promises new life and a fresh start.

On May 27, we as alumni get to welcome 180 new alumni into our community. They will walk across the stage, receive their degree and have a fresh start, turning the page to a new chapter. We are excited to welcome them, to add their energy and enthusiasm and look forward to listening to their stories and sharing our own with them.

On May 27, we as alumni get to welcome 180 new alumni into our community.

This year, we had the opportunity to have a number of our alumni join current students for RAMP events (Redeemer Alumni Mentoring Program) and we are always so grateful for the sharing of knowledge and experiences that these events provide.

Alumni Council has also spent a lot of time this year looking at our bylaws and our operating procedures and how best to support and connect with our alumni wherever they may be. We are excited to roll out some new initiatives over the summer and into the fall. Stay tuned for those!

This has been a year of changes and adjustments for all of us: alumni, faculty, staff, students and supporting community. There have been some difficult decisions made and changes that have happened across the board. It is a time of transition, but also a time for renewal.

Part of that renewal is the Campaign for Redeemer 2020 which is launching in a few weeks. As Alumni Council, we endorse and support this campaign and look forward to what it will mean for Redeemer and its future. I encourage you to keep an eye out for the launch announcements and ways for you, as alumni, to get involved.

As always, I encourage you to reach out to us at alumnicouncil@redeemer.ca. We love hearing updates from you and sharing in your joys and concerns. We love to get Alumni Gallery stories, so reach out if you want more information about that!
Enjoy this new season of transition and a fresh start.

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