A Historic Issue
A letter from Resound's managing editor, Beth Van Lingen
2 min. read
March 11, 2019

This issue of Resound records some historic happenings on Redeemer’s campus. Perhaps the issue’s most monumental update was made public just a few weeks ago. In February, Redeemer announced that it is reducing tuition for Canadian undergraduates by 42 per cent. The cover story details the impact of the new tuition structure and fee structure.

But it’s not the only major news to cover. Redeemer is in the last year of the 2020 Strategic Plan. The feature dives into the significant progress that the university has made over the last five years.

This year has also marked the formal beginning of Dr. Robert J. Graham’s presidency, with his inauguration on March 1. (Read more about the ceremony here.) In this issue, we invite you to get to know Redeemer’s president better. Dr. Graham sat down with the Resound team for a Q&A, in which you can learn more about the path that led him to Redeemer, his decision to live on campus and his vision for Christian higher education.

This issue also announces that Redeemer and five Christian high schools are together launching Act Five, an eight-month Christian gap year program, in September 2019. The Christian gap year program, which you can learn more about here, will guide newly graduated high school students as they explore who they are, where they’re going and how their faith fits into a rapidly changing world.

We’ve also shared a few of the many notable stories from Redeemer’s students, alumni and faculty as they serve their communities and churches. And we know that there are many more to come.

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