David Zietsma

David Zietsma is the vice president of external relations and enrolment at Redeemer University College.
A Remarkable Year
An update from Redeemer's leadership team
Moving Forward in Faith
An update from Redeemer's leadership team
Being Salt and Light
Dr. David Zietsma's chapel message on Matthew 5:13-16.
What Good is Christian Education?
Education isn't just about skills training, it has a deeper purpose centred on character formation.
Are Christians Ready for the Digital Age?
Dr. David Zietsma examines how Christians are engaging with society's digital revolution
A Campaign for 2020
While remaining rooted in the Reformed Christian tradition through a Christ-centred liberal arts and sciences education, Redeemer is executing a vital plan of renewal.
Welcome to Resound: Making Waves
Welcome to Resound—Redeemer’s new multichannel, content-sharing platform.
Ready to the Core
Redeemer's new Core curriculum scheduled to launch in the fall
I Heard Redeemer is in Trouble
Redeemer faces current challenges with optimism for the future
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