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Resound's Top 10 Stories of 2019
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December 20, 2019

When something resounds, it can be heard loudly and clearly. At this time of year, it might make you think of the heavenly hosts singing glory to God before an awestruck audience of shepherds. Or perhaps you think of the sound of little ones on Christmas morning who squeal with delight as they discover gifts under the tree. 

The last 12 months of stories have aimed to resound about the mission of Redeemer. The impact of students, alumni and faculty echoes across our communities, churches and culture. As the year (and decade) draws to a close, we invite you to take a few moments to enjoy some of the most important Resound stories from 2019. And while you celebrate his coming this Christmas season, join us in celebrating the amazing work God is doing through Redeemer and its support community.

  1. Putting Christian Higher Education Within Reach – Redeemer rolls out a new tuition and fee structure that includes a 42 per cent reduction in tuition for Canadian undergrads.
  2. Enrolment Increases by 14.5% – Redeemer welcomes the second largest incoming class in the school’s history.
  3. The Inauguration of Dr. Robert J. Graham – On March 1, dignitaries and the Redeemer community celebrated the inauguration of the university’s fourth president. To get to know Dr. Graham better, check out the Q&A with the President.
  4. To 2020 and Beyond – Through the 2020 Strategic Plan, Redeemer has looked back on a nearly 40-year legacy and moved the university forward. As the plan’s five years come to a close, Resound explores the impact.
  5. Announcing Act Five – Redeemer and five Christian high schools are together launching Act Five, an eight-month Christian gap year program, in September 2019. See what the students have been up to for the last four months on the blog.
  6. Congratulations, Class of 2019! – May 25 marked the 34th conferring of degrees at Redeemer University College.
  7. Advancing Inclusive Classrooms – Dr. Kimberly Maich ’93, Redeemer’s 2019 Distinguished Alumni Award recipient, is making an impact on special education and the experiences of students with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  8. Gospel, Church & Culture – Reflections on the Urban and Intercultural Ministry Program.
  9. A Core Milestone – Redeemer’s revamped Core program met a significant milestone with the pilot of the new Core Capstone Experience.
  10. Thoroughly Modern – Finding direction for today in the wisdom of Abraham Kuyper.


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