Centre for Christian Scholarship prepares for guest speakers coming to Redeemer this fall
Marie Versteeg / June 1, 2016
Redeemer art professors see changing attitudes toward the use of art in the church
Marie Versteeg / May 30, 2016
The digital collection contains the letters, manuscripts and artifacts of an educator who continues to influence twenty-first century teaching
Beth Van Lingen / March 21, 2016
Redeemer's new Core curriculum scheduled to launch in the fall
David Zietsma / March 1, 2016
Exploring the role of physical activity in healthy aging
Dianne Moroz / March 1, 2016
Stronger Together supports Redeemer's mission
Tim Wolfert / March 1, 2016
Dr. Robert Joustra on the Biblical roots of the United Nations.
Beth Van Lingen / February 2, 2016
Redeemer faculty contribute to collection of essays on the Church's social responsibility
Beth Van Lingen / January 14, 2016
Craig Bartholomew’s books part of new bundle.
Tim Wolfert / December 18, 2015
Prof. Phil Irish's first show in Hamilton selected as a must-see
Beth Van Lingen / December 11, 2015
Redeemer alumnus explores the theology and history of a Canadian suburb
Beth Van Lingen / December 8, 2015
A short summary of the November scholarly accomplishments of Redeemer faculty
Beth Van Lingen / December 7, 2015
The purpose of remembering the past
Beth Van Lingen / December 3, 2015
Rev. Ken Herfst joins Department of Religion and Theology
Beth Van Lingen / December 2, 2015
Bob Young helps launch the Margaret Eaton School Digital Collection
Tim Wolfert / November 18, 2015

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