The purpose of remembering the past
Beth Van Lingen / December 3, 2015
Rev. Ken Herfst joins Department of Religion and Theology
Beth Van Lingen / December 2, 2015
Bob Young helps launch the Margaret Eaton School Digital Collection
Tim Wolfert / November 18, 2015
Emeritus professor of history is one of the key contributors to a new series of Kuyper books and digital resources
Tim Wolfert / November 17, 2015
Dr. Berkelaar formally installed as Professor of Chemistry and Environmental Studies
Beth Van Lingen / November 13, 2015
Craig Bartholomew helps scholars and laity listen for God’s voice in Scripture
Tim Wolfert / October 16, 2015
Generosity of anonymous donor provides Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectrometer for science students
Beth Van Lingen / September 21, 2015
Dr. Christina Belcher explores what it means to be made, and to teach, in the image of God
Christina Belcher / September 21, 2015
Kuyper's influence on Christian scholarship
Russ Kosits / September 21, 2015
Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences (ACMS) holds conference at Redeemer
Beth Van Lingen / September 21, 2015
Associate Professor of Biology Joel Klinck awarded $39,100 grant to assess effects of waste water from sewage treatment plants on endangered mussels
Beth Van Lingen / September 21, 2015
Urban affairs expert wins inaugural award of Redeemer’s Centre for Christian Scholarship
Beth Van Lingen / September 1, 2015
First major component of Redeemer 2020 Strategic Plan
Tim Wolfert / February 12, 2015

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