The Top of the Watershed
Letter from Resound's managing editor, Beth Van Lingen
Salt and Light
A message from Redeemer's interim president
Know Thy Pop Culture
Engaging the philosophy of pop culture is both missional and prophetic, bringing Christian thought to a rapid-fire topic and truth to a fallen world.
Salut, Redeemer!
Redeemer French program students Kirsten Klompmaker '19 and Nicole Katerberg '19 write about their semester abroad in the south of France
Are Christian Universities Worth Fighting For?
The coming decade will challenge Christian universities. The secular worldview dominates university classrooms — and changes the very purpose of education.
One Year Later
Letter from Resound's managing editor, Beth Van Lingen
New Alumni, New Students
A message from Redeemer's interim president
The Sacred Project of the Social Sciences
A worldview and sacred project are always behind our studies in social science. But whose sacred project are we investing in?
New Beginnings
A letter from Alumni Council president Kristel Bulthuis for alumni, current students and incoming students.
Image-Bearers in the Digital Age
From the printing press to personal computing, we continue to face the question: will technology turn us into bad people?
What Good is Christian Education?
Education isn't just about skills training, it has a deeper purpose centred on character formation.
The Story of the Secularization of the West
Outside Western Europe and North America, the world seems to be getting more religious, not less. What if secularization is not the inevitable future of religion in all societies, but one of many possible futures?
The Man Who Saved the World
Our cultural crisis is not capacity, skills training or job readiness — it’s integrity, ethics, worldview, love.
A Transformational Stage
Assistant professor of English Dr. Ben Faber reflects on graduation alongside Paul's call to the Romans
Are Christians Ready for the Digital Age?
Dr. David Zietsma examines how Christians are engaging with society's digital revolution