A Fresh Start
Alumni Council president Kristel Bulthuis looks forward to welcoming a new class of alumni this spring.
Stories abound at Redeemer. In the Spring 2017 issue, we focus in on the stories of teacher education program alumni.
A Bedrock of Faith
A message from Redeemer's interim President.
A Campaign for 2020
While remaining rooted in the Reformed Christian tradition through a Christ-centred liberal arts and sciences education, Redeemer is executing a vital plan of renewal.
Leaders Worth Following
Education strengthens the minds but also reaches the hearts of students. Redeemer fosters teacher candidates’ competency — and their character.
Connecting Callings with Careers
With the launch of the Centre for Experiential Learning and Careers, Redeemer is investing in experiential learning for every program.
A Year of Hope and Reconciliation
Redeemer community gathers for campus-wide conversations on Aboriginal issues, past and present.
Greetings from the Alumni Council
Alumni council president Kristel Bulthuis '06 highlights the many ways for alumni to be involved and stay connected to Redeemer.
Why Christian Research Matters
Redeemer is on the frontlines of an international movement to produce research from a Christian perspective.
Beyond Worldview
Redeemer’s Beyond Worldview lecture series asked what faith has to say about first-person shooter video games and zombie apocalypses.
Does Jesus Love Headshots?
Dr. Kevin Schut investigates the intersection of faith with the guts and gore of video games.
Learning to Love through Habit
Dr. James K. A. Smith’s keynote, drawn from his book "You Are What You Love", challenges us to learn to love through habit.
What’s up with the Apocalypse?
Alissa Wilkinson uncovers our collective cultural paranoia and our cravings for stories about the end of the world.
Welcome to Resound: Making Waves
Welcome to Resound—Redeemer’s new multichannel, content-sharing platform.
Better Living Through Chemistry?
In the last century, chemistry has made our lives better—and worse. Given that, what does it mean to be a Christian and a chemist?