Leadership, Faith and Courage
Redeemer community commemorates founding president Rev. Henry De Bolster
A Wildly Ambitious Endeavour of Faith
Reflections from President Krygsman
Serving Culture’s Front Lines
Redeemer integrates faith and learning—that has always made us unique. With the 2020 plan, we're confidently moving forward while staying true to the heart of who we are.
Mental Health and Higher Ed
People are most at risk of developing serious mental illnesses between the ages of 18 and 24. How can we, as Christians, respond?
What is Christian Media?
Opening Lines: A Kingdom vision for today and tomorrow
The intellectual and educational vision professed and worked out at Redeemer prepares the leaders who are urgently needed for leavening our culture.
Ready to the Core
Redeemer's new Core curriculum scheduled to launch in the fall
Teaching and learning with heart, soul and mind
Inside Redeemer's radically Biblical vision for education at the post-secondary level
A word from the Alumni Council President
A 2015-16 update from Alumni Council
Nitrogen Regained: Fertilizer, Explosives, and Waterfalls
Dr. Edward Berkelaar's 2015 inauguration address
Opening Lines: Adapting to a new environment
Our faculty, staff, students, alumni, and supporters remain committed, with God's help, to Redeemer's mission of Christ-centred university education.
Confidently Moving Forward
Redeemer 2020 Strategic Plan Renews University's Mission
I Heard Redeemer is in Trouble
Redeemer faces current challenges with optimism for the future
Narrative and the Christian reader
Dr. Deborah Bowen's inauguration lecture