Challenged to a ReMatch
The successful finish of the 35-day alumni challenge marks a milestone in Redeemer University College’s largest fundraising campaign.
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March 7, 2018

The successful finish of Redeemer’s ReMatch Challenge, an alumni fundraising competition, marks a milestone in the Re Campaign — the largest fundraising campaign in the university’s history.

The larger Re Campaign, which launched publicly in April 2017, is funding the Redeemer 2020 Strategic Plan and its three major priorities: renewing the academic program, raising the university’s profile and securing a stable financial foundation. At the time of writing, $17.3 million — 86 per cent of the $20 million campaign goal — has been raised.

Through the ReMatch Challenge, nearly 300 alumni donors raised $59,855 — with participation from every graduating class since Redeemer’s first in 1986. Together with the original group that challenged all the rest, alumni have contributed over $400,000 to the Re Campaign.

Graduating classes competed over 35 days — which represented Redeemer’s 35 year history — to be named either the class with the most donations, of any size, or the class that had raised the most. In the end, the class of 2014 won with the most donors at a total of 24 and the class of 2006 won by donating the highest amount, $8,820. Each member of the winning classes received a sampler box of pre-ground coffee from RELAY Coffee Roasters which is owned and operated by alumni Jason ’99 and Rachel ’99 Hofing in Hamilton.

Every dollar raised is making a direct impact. The campaign funds the initiatives of Redeemer’s 2020 Strategic Plan, including:

  • New Core curriculum: Placing Christ at the centre of the students’ learning experience through an interdisciplinary curriculum that addresses today’s digital and globalized world.
  • New Media and Communication Studies program: In a hypermediated world where digital technology and media are increasingly linked, the world needs Christians who are equipped to engage, critique and create.
  • New Urban and Intercultural Ministry program: Preparing students for leadership and service, answering Christ’s call to love our neighbours in the ministry settings of today and the changing context of tomorrow.
  • New Centre for Experiential Learning and Careers: The Centre for Experiential Learning and Careers (CELC) connects a student’s sense of calling with intentional career exploration and planning past graduation.
  • The Centre for Christian Scholarship: The Centre fosters new ideas and works to put Redeemer’s researchers at the forefront of public conversation, building Redeemer’s academic reputation.
  • Debt reduction: A reduction in interest on long-term debt frees up capital to invest back into the university — keeping the academic program relevant and tuition affordable.
  • Integrated Marketing Strategy: The Integrated Marketing Strategy have laid the foundation for stronger engagement with current students, prospects and supporters.

Together, the priorities of the 2020 Strategic Plan strengthen the impact of Redeemer’s mission, ensuring that it is revitalized for the next generation of students. “Redeemer stands for something different. We offer an education that is centred on the whole person: body and mind, heart and soul. The world needs these engaged citizens in all areas of life and needs the diverse perspectives they bring to the complex questions we face,” said Dr. David Zietsma, vice president, external relations and enrolment. “It needs people who can do that while reflecting the love and hope of Jesus Christ. The Re Campaign, and the 2020 Strategic Plan it funds, will enable Redeemer to pursue this mission with relevance and vitality.”

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