CIMMO Recognizes Marketing Program’s Excellence
Redeemer’s bachelor of arts in business marketing program has received official accreditation from the Chartered Institute of Marketing Management of Ontario (CIMMO).
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March 22, 2021

Redeemer University has always striven for excellence in the whole-person development of its students. This has resulted in an academic experience that is not only intellectually robust, but that challenges students to think about how their gifts, interests and ambitions fit within the grander arc of God’s redemptive narrative.

The business program stands out in its advocacy of biblical principles in business such as justice, truth and humility. This is clearly reflected in the overview of the marketing stream, whose mission, according to Redeemer’s website, is to “develop and execute a clear and compelling marketing strategy, all in a God-honouring way. Such an approach inspires graduates to create campaigns that will meet their clients’ or employers’ needs, enable them to make a positive difference in the lives of customers, and contribute to the sustainability and profitability of the business.

In September 2020, Redeemer’s bachelor of arts in business marketing was accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing Management of Ontario (CIMMO). CIMMO recognizes institutions that demonstrate educational excellence in all areas including teaching, research, curricula development and student learning. Marketing programs considered for accreditation are measured against 12 international standards to ensure continuous improvement and state-of-the-art marketing skills and competencies that innovate and drive impact.

“Accreditation of the marketing stream has been on our radar for several years to build on the accreditation of the accounting stream by the CPA Ontario and our co-op program by CEWIL Canada (Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning),” says Laurie Busuttil, associate professor and chair of the business department. “I’m a Chartered Professional Marketer (CPM) with CIMMO, so when we started looking at external accreditation, CIMMO was a natural fit. Redeemer’s focus on doing marketing in a normative, biblical manner fits well with CIMMO’s focus on truthful, honest and ethical marketing. Redeemer students can be confident that their degree represents one of the highly regarded marketing programs in the province and beyond.”

Considering CIMMO’s rigorous standards, the accreditation process involved an audit that ensured that the program offered the resources, curriculum and commitment needed to provide students with a high-level, future-focused marketing education. Part of this process featured the input of senior business students and alumni who spoke about Redeemer’s unique mission and fundamental aspects of the marketing program. Aaryn Vloo, a participating student, is excited about the impact such a milestone will have on his future career. Along with provincial recognition, students who hold a CIMMO-accredited degree have access to special training and events, an exclusive community of marketers and numerous other advantages.

This CIMMO accreditation will provide Redeemer marketing graduates with an important advantage as they seek employment in their field.

“I think it’ll open up a lot more doors to be accredited by the province and a big organization like CIMMO,” says Vloo. “There’s a broader horizon and other opportunities that I don’t think would have been available before.”

Leah Groskurth, another student involved in the audit, chose to study at Redeemer because of its small classes and the faith-based community. She spent her academic career branching out into different pathways before combining her passions of art and business in the marketing program.

“It not only benefits my group and me but also other students in the program,” says Groskurth. “I’m very proud to say that I was a part of the process for everyone. I think, in a good way, companies and organizations will see us differently now.”

“Redeemer is proud to be recognized among some of the top marketing programs in the province,” said Dr. David Zietsma, provost and vice president, academic. “This CIMMO accreditation will provide Redeemer marketing graduates with an important advantage as they seek employment in their field.”

CIMMO is the only chartered marketing association in Ontario that serves as a global accrediting body for marketing programs as well as a marketing education network that connects students, educators and marketers worldwide.

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