Creation Care in the City
Through her work with A Rocha, Amila Dreise ’13 is advancing care for creation in Hamilton and Ontario at large.
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October 18, 2019

“I truly believe the work of creation care is often overlooked,” says Amila Dreise, a 2013 Redeemer graduate and the interim Ontario director at A Rocha Canada. “We live in an interconnected world and when one part is hurting we all feel it. When it comes to the environment it is often met with feelings of despair and hopelessness. Because of how interconnected our world is, I believe that caring for creation out of a place of joy and hope is so important! I see my work as joining in with what God is already doing.”

Dreise is using her passion for the environment to build community, provide education and care for creation at A Rocha. Having graduated with a double major in Environmental Science and Religion and Theology, Dreise is able to put both of her undergrad majors to good use at the Canadian branch of the Christian environmental non-profit.

Dreise began her career as the capital campaign manager at Hughson Street Baptist Church in Hamilton. She managed a campaign for a new church building with affordable supported housing. She gained experience in urban development in her role while volunteering at local farms as a way to keep her hands in the dirt and her passion for environmental stewardship alive. In 2018, she joined the team at A Rocha Canada as the Ontario development manager and from there moved into the position of interim Ontario director in January 2019.

Dreise now carries out the mission of A Rocha locally, providing organizational leadership and vision and managing staff. More specifically, she oversees the organization’s work providing community-based conservation projects and environmental education. She was excited to share that this year, A Rocha has been providing accessible environmental education to more than 200 individuals living with disabilities, a new frontier for a faith-based environmental organization.

“Because of how interconnected our world is, I believe that caring for creation out of a place of joy and hope is so important!”

An optimistic leader in the creation care space, Dreise finds joy in her work at A Rocha. “It’s in both little and big ways that I find my inspiration. Whether that’s discovering more salamanders in our wetlands, watching someone learn about how a small dragonfly has a purpose, hearing from a recent program participant living with a disability who experienced creation or seeing someone being able to recognize the names and calls of the local birds around them — this is the stuff that brings me joy and inspiration!

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