Decades of Reformed Scholarship on Display
A dedicated faculty book section brings Redeemer’s legacy of research and scholarship to its recently refreshed bookstore, 21Five.
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October 28, 2021

For many Redeemer faculty, at least a quarter of their work time is dedicated to research and development. Over the many years of the university’s existence, this is a significant investment in Christian scholarship and research for the common good. But until now, a comprehensive source of faculty publications did not exist in one place. With the relaunch of Redeemer’s bookstore, 21Five has incorporated a section dedicated to books authored by Redeemer faculty past and present.

“There are enormous contributions to the Reformed tradition, not just from the faculty who work here now, but of a legacy of faculty who have been here for almost four decades,” says Dr. Robert Joustra, director of the Centre for Christian Scholarship (CCS) and associate professor of politics and international studies.

Joustra, along with Centre for Christian Scholarship and 21Five staff have been working on the faculty book section for about a year, researching titles from current and former faculty and obtaining over 50 of them. The project will be ongoing as current and future faculty members author books and book chapters.

“Being able to highlight faculty books is vital for the university,” says 21Five manager Kristel Forcier. “These publications reflect the mission and identity of Redeemer. Being able to incorporate the new dedicated section of distinctly Reformed Christian scholarship into the launch of a store recently renamed to capture that mission makes an important connection. It allows us to give them the extra attention and prominence that they deserve.”

These publications reflect the mission and identity of Redeemer.

Among the impressive collection are titles like Creation Regained: Biblical Basics for a Reformational Worldview by Albert M. Wolters, arguably the most influential book to come out of Redeemer, and The Drama of Scripture: Finding Our Place in the Biblical Story by Craig Bartholomew and Michael W. Goheen. Also featured is a collection of translations of Herman Bavinck’s partially published manuscript, Reformed Ethics: Created, Fallen and Converted Humanity, of which assistant professor of religion and theology Dr. Jessica Joustra is an editor and translator.

“It is important to tell the story of faithful Christian scholarship that Redeemer has prioritized and invested in over the generations,” says Joustra. He muses about his CTS 110 course, Introduction to Christian Worldview, and how he invites his students into stories of the founders of Redeemer. “Last year, I introduced them to Elaine Botha, Bill Voortman and Henry deBolster, all people who had died just in the last few years, all people who were fundamental architects of what this place was meant to be. We’ve got to tell the story. In a really small way, this little book nook in the bookstore is about the living faith of the founders and their vision for a Christian university in Hamilton, carrying forward a tradition that seeks to see all things made new through the redemptive work of Jesus Christ.”

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