Engaging young Christians in the sciences
This summer, Redeemer continues to invest in experience-enhanced learning by offering a one-week intensive science research fellowship for high school students.
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January 25, 2018

There’s little doubt that STEM graduates — those with degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics — are in high demand. For young Christians considering careers in the sciences, Redeemer seeks to have students discover and explore how to serve God and others by learning how to love, explore, examine and engage the sciences.

This summer, Redeemer will offer a one-week intensive research fellowship for high school students from July 30 – August 3, 2018. Students will participate in and contribute to university-level research in Health Sciences, Biochemistry, Kinesiology or Chemistry/Environmental Studies.The aim is to demonstrate to students through hands-on participation that Christians can be serious about and contribute to the sciences.

Selected students will have the opportunity to research alongside some of Redeemer’s science faculty and undergraduate students, unpacking real-world research questions and contributing to different areas of study. There are up to 16 spots available to students who will be entering grade 11 or grade 12 in the fall of 2018.

The application process opens on February 15. Applicants will be asked to submit a form, a teacher reference and a short 250-400 word essay statement asking about what they hope to learn from the fellowship and how it will benefit them as a young Christian looking to study the sciences. Interested students can learn more on our website at redeemer.ca/health-sciences/fellowship.

Redeemer places great emphasis on experiential learning opportunities for students. In the sciences, students spend up to 600 hours in the lab during their four years at Redeemer. They have access to labs and a variety of equipment, researching alongside faculty and getting hands-on experience that helps set them up for success in their future careers. Recently, Redeemer secured $400,000 in donations dedicated to the expansion and upgrades of its health and life sciences labs, helping our programs grow and continue to prioritize experience-enhanced learning.

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