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Brittany Lorenz ’14 is making her mark on the capital, working and teaching in Ottawa’s political sector.
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October 18, 2019

Brittany Lorenz, a graduate of the class of 2014, has in a few short years built an impressive career in Ottawa, Canada’s political centre.

Today, a consultant at the government relations and communications firm Temple Scott Associates and part-time professor for the Laurentian Leadership Centre (LLC), Lorenz began her academic career at Redeemer. As a student, she was actively involved in all aspects of campus and academic life at Redeemer. She served on Student Senate, worked in the main office and as a tutor, participated in intramurals, played on the rugby team and studied off-campus for a semester at the LLC.

“I honestly loved the community at Redeemer…I grew into who I was meant to be and gained the confidence to believe in myself and what I could do and the challenges I could tackle.”

“I honestly loved the community at Redeemer. I really bloomed there; it was a great experience for me,” shared Lorenz. “I grew into who I was meant to be and gained the confidence to believe in myself and what I could do and the challenges I could tackle.”

Since completing her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, with minors in Philosophy and History, Lorenz has completed two master’s degrees. She most recently earned a Master of Political Management at Carleton University, and, prior to that, a Master of Philosophy and Public Ethics through Saint Paul University and the University of Ottawa. During her studies in ethics, she completed research on reforming Children’s Aid Societies in Ontario from a human rights perspective. “Having grown up in foster care and been adopted,” Lorenz reflected, “I wanted to be able to blend my personal experience in the system with an academic understanding to have a credible voice on the topic.

Lorenz has also spent the past five years on Parliament Hill in a variety of roles. Beginning in 2014 as member’s assistant to MP Nina Grewal, she went on to work as executive assistant to MP Roxanne James, director of communications to MP John Barlow, then regional advisor and caucus liaison for the Prairies office of the leader of the official opposition.

Lorenz can trace the roots of her career path back to taking core courses at Redeemer. “Had I never had to take that Core philosophy class I was so terrified about,” she explained, “I never would have found out how much I love philosophy, I never would have done a master’s degree in philosophy and never would have found myself teaching at the LLC. I owe a lot of thanks for the endless support and encouragement from many Redeemer professors who drew out my gifts and talents and always challenged me to keep going and never back down from a challenge and to believe in myself.”

Since she has been working as a part-time professor for the LLC, things have come full circle for Lorenz. She teaches courses in ethics and applied public affairs, where she leads her students in looking at major policy issues like nuclear warfare, climate change, charity and foreign aid. She explores with students how to approach these issues ethically and from a Christian perspective. “I love learning and growing with the students,” Lorenz said. “I love challenging them to dig deeper, to be critical thinkers and to discuss and debate ideas in a respectful manner.”

Outside of her work, Lorenz enjoys life in downtown Ottawa and keeps busy with political volunteer work, helping out with a kids’ soccer program, taking hip-hop classes, playing on numerous sports teams and exploring the city with friends.

When asked about her future ambitions, Lorenz answers with an enthusiasm and optimism characteristic of all she does, “Part of me says that long term, I want to run for public office. I would love to run at the provincial level to hopefully make changes to the child welfare system. Another part of me wants to go back to school to get my PhD. Maybe one day I can move to Hamilton and teach at Redeemer. I’m young, and I have time to chase all of my goals and career aspirations and maybe even realize a few more!”

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