The Church’s social responsibility
Redeemer faculty contribute to collection of essays on the Church's social responsibility

A new collection of essays, to which Redeemer faculty contributed, explores a number of questions related to the church’s witness to society: Why is the church significant? How should it speak and act–and who should do the speaking and acting?

The collection, titled The Church’s Social Responsibility: Reflections on Evangelicalism and Social Justice, was edited by Dr. Robert Joustra and by Jordan Ballor of the Acton Institute. Dr. David Koyzis contributed the essay, A Neo-Calvinist Ecclesiology, and Dr. Kevin Flatt wrote the epilogue.

In the volume’s introduction, Joustra writes:

“It has long been the conviction of Christian social thought that ‘the Church’ has a social responsibility. Back in our grandparents’, and great-grandparents’ day, that responsibility was obvious. The Church ran schools. It ran hospitals. It ran out-of-the-cold programs and homeless shelters. It spoke with weight and power about international and local issues. But those days in North America are long gone, and many of those churches are long gone, as Kevin Flatt writes in After Evangelicalism. The decline in organized religion is real, and the influence of organized religion in North America has long collapsed and is by now overgrown. So what voice should the Church have today in North America, what should it speak about and who speaks for it? Those are the questions that bind together this new book.”

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