Faculty Profile: Dr. Vahagn Asatryan
Dr. Vahagn Asatryan is an associate professor of business.
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March 22, 2021

Home Base

I hail from Armenia, part of the former Soviet Union and the first nation to adopt Christianity as its state religion in AD 301. I moved to the United States in my 20s to further pursue education and business opportunities. After about a decade of studies and work, I moved to Canada.

Stimulating Subject Matter

Perhaps the most exciting and important course I teach is the introduction to economics. It’s a true joy seeing the faces of first-year students light up with amazement and curiosity as they learn how the world really works and how demand and supply, production, income, spending, savings, national debt, interest rates, trade and sinful human nature, among other factors, affect everything they experience. These classes also offer me an opportunity to introduce the basic Christian principles of stewardship, love of neighbour, justice, grace, etc. and how they apply in business.

Teaching Tips

In my marketing class, I bring in what I call “the black bag of tricks,” which contains various props to illustrate course concepts. For example, prior to our discussion of packaging, I ask a few students, with their permission, to put their hands into the bag, pick an object and then describe to the rest of the class the kind of product that could be contained in that package. This method has been very effective in teaching the various functions of packaging and inviting numerous questions.

Faith Moment

I believe responding to God’s call to move to Hamilton and accept the position at Redeemer was a particularly reflective period. Was this what I am called to do? Would I be accepted by the community? How would my contribution be pleasing to the Lord and my neighbours? I have come to the profound realization that some answers to these questions were revealed during the journey while others appeared obvious only upon completion of a phase or in retrospect. I have also discovered that all these times are meaningful for nurturing our faith, which is rooted in worshipping the Lord.

In Conversation with Christ

When I see Jesus face to face, I want to ask “Why me, Lord? What do you want? Why would you want me to engage in these activities in your presence?”

Redeemer Love

Redeemer has the most amazing students! I often refer to them as “Redeemerites.” They are precious, fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God, filled with grace, wonder and love. I am inspired by the strength of their character, their passion and compassion, their talents and their curiosity. I cherish the privilege of sharing the wonders of God’s creation with them.

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