Faculty Profile: Dr. Morgan Braganza
Dr. Morgan Braganza is an assistant professor in applied social sciences.
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November 6, 2020

Home Base

I was born in Scarborough, Ontario and lived in several small towns as a child including Port Elgin, Paisley and Hanover. When I was eight years old, my family moved to Kitchener, and I have lived there ever since. I consider Kitchener to be home, but my heart belongs to rural Ontario.

Stimulating Subject Matter

Together with a group of youth and adults, I run a Christian community-based sports ministry called Kung-Fu for Christ. Teaching kung-fu to children youth and adults, especially those who are vulnerable and excluded from their communities, has been so rewarding.

Teaching Tips

My favourite teaching technique is based on a leadership strategy (because I choose to see all students as leaders-in-training). Briefly, the idea is: (1) I do and you watch me; (2) I do and you help me; (3) you do and I help you; then (4) you do and I watch you. Not only does this technique help get ideas across to students in a deeper and more meaningful way, it helps students become leaders.

Faith Moment

In 2012, God called me to begin a PhD. Like the Prophet Jonah, I said “no” and tried to avoid this calling. But, God opened every door to make a PhD possible, so I reluctantly pursued his calling. Part of my story is that my eight-year journey was very difficult and complicated, and had many costs to me and others. But because the journey was challenging, I learned many lessons about the importance of trusting God (e.g., his will for my life), perseverance and hope. I engaged in daily prayer seeking God’s guidance and strength. In return, I have never experienced God’s strength, love, wisdom and peace as I did during this very difficult journey. For that, I am eternally grateful that I eventually said “yes” to God’s calling for my life!

In Conversation with Christ

I have so many questions to ask Jesus when I see him face to face, but one of them will be, “What would you like me to do now?” In God’s Kingdom on earth, I engage in social work. When God has made all things new, I trust that there will be no more need for social work. This means that I will need something else to do!

Redeemer Love

My favourite thing about Redeemer is the nature of this community. I experience the entire Redeemer community as genuinely seeking to produce the fruit of the Spirit. (Gal. 5:22-23). People in this community, for instance, demonstrate love and kindness toward one another. Even when mistakes are made (as will inevitably happen in all communities), people show grace and mercy, and forebear with one another. This kind of community is hard to find, so I am grateful and blessed to be part of it!

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