FLAGSHIP Gallery Opens
Redeemer faculty brings artistic witness to downtown Hamilton
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June 7, 2013

Redeemer has long had an active role in Hamilton’s art scene. This spring, several members of Redeemer’s art faculty were involved in opening a new gallery right in the heart of the dynamic James Street North art district. The new FLAGSHIP Gallery, 237 James Street North in downtown Hamilton, is operated by the Semaphore Fellowship. Led by Heidi Brannan, Chris Cuthill and James Tughan, the Semaphore Fellowship is a group of Christian artists committed to honouring God through visual language. Among its members are a number of Redeemer students and alumni. Tughan, Adjunct Lecturer in Art, calls the Flagship Gallery “a space where Christian visual artists can share their work with their spiritual and cultural communities, and in doing so, communicate what they know to be true and what they see in the world around them.” This gallery affords Redeemer fine art grads and students a great opportunity to get a toe-hold in the art marketplace. It also gives churches a chance to engage the art world, and it gives citizens an opportunity to engage artists speaking in their work from a Christian perspective. The location of the Gallery is significant. Hamilton’s James North Art District is described as one of the fastest growing art markets in Canada, and is home to monthly Art Crawls that bring in artists and art lovers by the thousands to the area. Visit the Gallery on online at www.facebook.com/FlagshipGallery.

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