From the Ice to the Sales Floor
Lewis Tuininga ’17 is excelling at his dream career in the sports industry.
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October 28, 2021

Lewis Tuininga has achieved the ultimate goal of many university graduates: he wakes up every day excited to go to work. Tuininga is a sales manager for the Canadian branch of Howies Hockey in Burlington, Ontario. Howies provides hockey accessories and sports medicine products to pro shops, stores, colleges and universities as well as professional and junior teams across the country.

“The best part about working at Howies Hockey is that it’s a sports company but, better yet, predominantly a hockey company,” he says. “I get to talk with store owners, equipment managers, athletic therapists and other business people in the world of sports. I’m passionate about sports, and so are the people I meet every day. That makes it extra fun.”

In 2015, while Tuininga was still a business management student at Redeemer, Howies set up a booth on campus in search of warehouse workers. He was hired on a part-time basis and, after being there only a few months, learned that the company was looking for a co-op student to manage the warehouse and sell their new line of sports medicine products. He jumped at the opportunity and was soon on a steady path to success.

“Over the past five years, I’ve built a database for sports medicine leads, prospects and customers that’s constantly growing. I’m the head sales manager for our sports medicine line of products, and I also have a number of hockey accounts,” he explains. “From warehouse worker to warehouse manager and then from part-time sales to full-time sales, I’ve seen this company grow into a well-known hockey brand.”

…whether it was in the classroom or on the field or ice, my professors and coaches taught me integrity, hard work and dedication.

Now that he’s on a steady path in his dream career, Tuininga clearly sees the impact of his Redeemer education.

“I knew I wanted to get a business degree and work in the sports industry (specifically the hockey industry if possible), but I didn’t think that would necessarily happen,” he says. “Redeemer’s business program, connections and Ancaster location allow students and graduates to network and meet business people from many top-notch and well-respected companies in Ontario and throughout Canada. Playing varsity sports also equipped me with personal tools that I use every day in the business world. Over the course of my four years at Redeemer, whether it was in the classroom or on the field or ice, my professors and coaches taught me integrity, hard work and dedication.”

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