Government Supports Increased Access for Soccer in Hamilton
Partnership will see Redeemer and community benefit from new domed soccer facility
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August 27, 2009

David Sweet, Member of Parliament for Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale and MPP Ted McMeekin, Minister of Consumer Services, announced today that Redeemer University College will be receiving $1,000,000 from both the Recreational Infrastructure Canada Program in Ontario (RInC Ontario) and the Ontario Recreation Program (Ontario REC) to fund construction of a shared-use soccer facility at Redeemer University College. Councillor Lloyd Ferguson announced that the City of Hamilton is also looking for ways to support the project. The project will include the construction of a second soccer pitch on Redeemer’s campus. The field will have an artificial turf surface and be covered with a temporary fabric structure from November to April, allowing year-long use. A permanent field house, including change rooms and a concession area, will be built adjacent to the field. The Community Soccer Project is a partnership between Redeemer and the Ancaster Soccer Club (ASC). The facility will be operated under a shared-use agreement that will see ASC and other community groups have the majority of access to the facility. “We are so pleased to be able to work together with ASC,” noted Dr. Justin Cooper, President of Redeemer University College. “This arrangement will give all members of the community access to high-quality facilities, while allowing us to better serve our students.” Jim Bethune, President of the Ancaster Soccer Club, agreed: “We are pleased to partner with Redeemer to bring this world-class facility to our community, where it will serve more than 25,000 soccer players.” The unique arrangement was praised by all levels of government. Mr. Sweet noted that the increased capacity for soccer that the project creates “will benefit players from Stoney Creek to Brantford.” Minister McMeekin said that the agreement is an excellent example of different groups “partnering together for a stronger, healthier community.” And Mr. Ferguson praised ASC and Redeemer for “working together for the greater good of the community.” The Ancaster Soccer Club will work with Redeemer to raise the remaining funds needed to complete the Project. Construction will begin once the remaining funds are in place and Redeemer’s Board of Governors has given its approval.

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