Graduates Recognized at Convocation
Faculty Award and Governor General's Award part of graduation ceremony
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June 14, 2011

At this past May’s Convocation Ceremony, two Redeemer graduates were awarded for their contributions to life at Redeemer and for outstanding academic achievement. Rubi Garyfalakis, who majored in both Art and Psychology, was given the Governor General’s Silver Medal, recognizing the student who graduates with the highest standing in his or her school. In 1873, the Earl of Dufferin, who served as Governor General from 1872 to 1878, had the medal struck to reward scholastic merit. This medal has four levels: gold, for study at the Master’s level; silver, for study at the Bachelor’s level; collegiate bronze, for post-secondary education; bronze for secondary education. Alicia Kuisslebrink, was the recipient of this year’s Faculty Award. Established by the Senate in January 1989, it is awarded annually, upon recommendation of the Faculty, to that member of the graduating class who best exemplifies academic excellence, Christian leadership, and active participation in the life of Redeemer. Helen Vreugdenhil, Assistant Professor of History, made these remarks in presenting the award: “Alicia demonstrated Christian leadership as a member of the Student Senate, particularly involved in organizing retreats, and fundraisers; a participant on the Chaplain’s Advisory Committee and regular contributor in chapel; a story teller for the Theatre department’s outreach project, and yet was also able to participate in other activities around campus, appearing in plays and working part time in the office with an enthusiasm that is going to be missed. She did all of this, while also demonstrating academic excellence. As a history professor I have appreciated her interest and participation in classes,… particularly in providing leadership in discussion in ways that raised the level of the whole class.” Redeemer congratulates Rubi and Alicia and the rest of the Class of 2011, and thanks them for their contributions to the Redeemer community over the last number of years. May God continue to bless you as you move from here into service elsewhere.

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