Hamilton Fringe Festival Features Alumni and Student
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August 24, 2010

The Hamilton Fringe Festival is intentionally informal, inexpensive, and accessible, aiming to break down traditional boundaries between audience and performer. The 11-day unjuried theatre festival is rooted in a philosophy encouraging companies of all sizes to participate, empowering emerging artists to take the stage. Among the emerging artists at this summer’s festival were a number of alumni and a current student from the Redeemer theatre program. The End was written by alumna Sara Weber-Van Barneveld, while inbetween.places was co-written by alumni Ryan M. Sero and Aaron Joel Craig and directed by Scott Fairley under their company name, make.art.theatre. The Ontario Arts Review credits inbetween.places as being “clever, imaginative and fast-moving.” The play focuses on an office-worker who has given up on his dream of writing and is visited during the night by four strange beings who claim that they want to help him recapture his childhood aspirations. Among the cast were alumni Kaitlyn McGee and Joy Johnson as well as fourth-year student Steve Siemens. The End is a story of a married couple expecting their first child. As they are approaching the critical time of delivery, their marriage has also reached an impasse. Fringe critic Tom Mackan notes, “[Weber’s] latest work, The End, reinforces her command of dialogue and situation… I can recommend this production wholeheartedly to Fringe audiences for its uncanny grasp of how marriages evolve, and particularly as to how they devolve, as in deteriorate.” Theatre Professor Ray Louter has been encouraged by Redeemer’s increasing presence in the Hamilton theatre community. He notes, “People are seeing students and alumni doing good work and are impressed by it. They will say to me: Oh, there are a lot of people from Redeemer; you must be doing something right. They are creating good work and it is pleasurable to watch. I am honoured to see them become good, professional artists.”

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