Hamilton’s Mayor visits Redeemer for Business Partnership Open House
Chamber president also joins students and local businesses for networking event
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October 7, 2014

More than one hundred people gathered for Redeemer’s Business Partnership Open House, celebrating 14 years of corporate and community cooperation. Twenty-four local business and community organizations set up exhibits, and representatives from dozens of others came to network with learn more about Redeemer. As part of the event, several of Redeemer’s community partners were recognized for the awards, scholarships and bursaries they provide Redeemer students. The event is a wonderful opportunity for students to build their professional network and discover more about their chosen career. President and CEO of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, Keanin Loomis, gave the keynote address. He spoke about how essential partnership is between post-secondary institutions like Redeemer and local businesses. He calls Redeemer one of Hamilton’s success stories, and key to producing the talent needed to continue revitalizing Hamilton’s businesses. Hamilton Mayor Bob Bratina and Ancaster Councillor Lloyd Ferguson visited and encouraged Redeemer students. “The values taught by Redeemer, those high ethical standards and principles, are sought after by employers. Our city must understand what Redeemer offers and Redeemer students should understand what’s available in the city of Hamilton, so that they can grow their careers,” Mayor Bratina added. Redeemer business and psychology graduate Laura Arenas ’13 is now a financial advisor at Scotiabank. She shared how she made the connection that led to her career by attending the Business Partnership Open House when she was a student. She echoed Mayor Bratina’s remarks. “During four years at Redeemer, you are growing as a person so that by the end of your education, you know who you are and what you stand for. Once you get into the workforce, you know what’s right for you and where you want to be. Redeemer prepares you: you ask tough questions in the classroom, it’s not just theory,” Arenas affirmed. EduDeo Ministries, one of the exhibitors at the open house, has hired many Redeemer students and alumni over the years. “Redeemer grads are our best employees. We really see the intersection of skill and character when we bring on Redeemer students for summer work and as full-time employees,” enthused Hank de Jong, EduDeo executive director.

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