Here I Am
Letter from Redeemer's managing editor, Beth Van Lingen

This academic year, the Redeemer community is reflecting on the ways that we can, along with Moses in Exodus 3:4, say to God, “Here I am.” As I consider these words, I am reminded that we have the privilege in Resound of sharing the stories of students, faculty and alumni who have said to God, from where they stand, “Here I am.”

Whether it is by considering the source text of the TV hit The Handmaid’s Tale or the works of Shakespeare, Dr. Ben Faber writes in the feature, the study of literature brings us to understand the cultural moment in which we stand. From that foundation, we can say, clear-eyed, “Use me.”

Or in studying mathematics and its many, many applications, we find a discipline’s power and its capacity for harm. Instead of an end to itself, as Dr. Kevin Vander Meulen writes, mathematics can be a culture-making activity from which we are able to offer our gifts to God’s greater work for reconciliation.

Redeemer is offering its strengths not online in these disciplines but also to extend the impact of Christian education at all levels. This past August, Redeemer ran an intensive summer research fellowship for high school students. The Grade 11 and 12 students unpacked real-world questions in chemistry and health science alongside Redeemer students and science faculty.

Among the most exciting developments, this year is the appointment of Dr. Robert J. Graham as the university’s fourth president. We hope you will join us in celebrating Dr. Graham’s arrival in this special issue.

And there are far more opportunities that the university’s students, faculty and alumni have had to offer their gifts for the common good this past year. I would encourage you to explore further the outcomes and impact of Redeemer’s 2017-18 year at

In all these things, we hope you will have the opportunity to see how Redeemer continues to live out its mission, preparing Christian leaders who are, in many disciplines and fields, prepared to say, “Here I am.”

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