Historic Bill Provides More Degree Options for Students
The passing of Bill 213 by the Ontario Legislature enshrines the recent name change into law and provides Redeemer greater degree-granting authority.
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December 7, 2020

On December 8, 2020, the Ontario Government received Royal Assent for Bill 213, which includes legislation enabling Redeemer to grant a greater number of degrees and changing Redeemer’s name formally to Redeemer University. Schedule 24 was proclaimed and came into effect on Friday, December 18.

“For Redeemer, this is the next step in a long-term plan to offer Christian university education to more students,” said president Dr. Robert J. Graham. “We thank the Government of Ontario and all those who supported Redeemer for a continued commitment to a diverse post secondary sector in this province where there is room for different kinds of universities with specific missions, universities like Redeemer.”

Redeemer has been granting bachelor of arts, bachelor of science and bachelor of education degrees for more than two decades. The proclamation of Schedule 24 follows the successful organizational and name change review that Redeemer underwent in fall 2019 with the Post-Secondary Education Quality Assessment Board (PEQAB) and the receiving of  Ministerial Consent for the name change to Redeemer University in early 2020. The Bill provides the university with the authority to grant a total of 20 possible new degrees in the future, including nine masters degrees. In the short term, Redeemer could be offering bachelor of business administration, bachelor of health sciences and bachelor of kinesiology degrees within the next year.  

This is an amazing time of growth and transformation at Redeemer.

“This is an amazing time of growth and transformation at Redeemer,” said provost Dr. David Zietsma. “This legislation is another historic milestone, building on the legacy of the university’s founding vision. Once it becomes law, it will help Redeemer to deliver relevant, faith-based university education for the next generation. We want to continue graduating difference makers who will bring hope and positive change in whatever callings and careers they pursue.”

Redeemer welcomed the largest incoming class in its history this fall. Enrolment is projected to exceed 1,000 students in fall 2021. Offering new degree programs will allow a growing number of students who desire to have their faith integrated into learning to also access programs that meet their needs and callings.

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