Musicians and pastors encouraged by Redeemer conference
Two hundred gather for seventh annual Refresh and Renew worship conference
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September 27, 2014

Redeemer’s Auditorium resonated with the beautiful harmonies of pastors, students and musicians at the Refresh and Renew Worship Conference. The day was a restful retreat for 200 ministry leaders, a time to refocus as busyness hits again. This marks the seventh year of the successful Redeemer conference, which is held each year at the end of September. Redeemer faculty and guest speakers offered thirty workshops throughout the day, on topics including mentoring youth and children, theatre and dance and the cultural pull to create celebrities of worship leaders. Former Redeemer chaplain Syd Hielema gave the plenary address, titled The Integrated Heart of Congregational Discipleship. Hielema encouraged and challenged worship and ministry leaders: “Worship is a rest stop on our journey as disciples, where we see and work through the messiness of our lives in light of God’s love for us. I take a moment after a Sunday service to observe the mentoring of disciples happening as we gather for coffee. That mentoring happens too as we meet for all sorts of ministries– the ministries you lead– during the week and during Sunday service.” Seven years ago, Hielema dreamed and began this worship conference. As this year’s conference closed with singing in the foyer by speakers and attendees, his dream will continue at the next worship conference in September 2015.

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