New and Notable
A letter from Resound's managing editor, Beth Van Lingen.

It’s been a busy and bustling fall on Redeemer’s campus. This issue of Resound shares exciting news on Redeemer’s enrolment and updates from the tail end of the Redeemer 2020 Strategic Plan.

It also features an interview with Dr. Ken Herfst, offering his perspectives on the themes important to ministry at home and abroad in a rapidly changing world. A Christian response to immigration is one such area and this issue also shares the compelling perspective of Dr. Matthew Kaemingk, Redeemer’s 2019 Emerging Public Intellectual Award winner.

And there are far more opportunities that the university’s faculty, students and alumni have had to offer their gifts for the common good this past year. It’s been a pleasure to recognize the contributions of 2019 Distinguished Alumni Award winner Dr. Kimberly Maich to the field of education. You can further explore Redeemer’s outcomes and impact in the 2018-19 year at

While there is much more from Resound to look forward to, this will be my last issue as managing editor as I move on to new adventures. Your feedback and story ideas have kept this publication lively and representative. Thank you!

I look forward to seeing, now as a reader, how Resound will continue to grow, in print and online, in the years to come. There are still many stories to tell of the impact that Redeemer faculty, alumni and students are making as they join God in the renewal of all things.

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