One Year Later
Letter from Resound's managing editor, Beth Van Lingen
2 min. read
October 6, 2017

“Can a credible education occur when learning is done from a Christian perspective?” It’s a question we at Redeemer are asked both directly and subtly. In this issue, Resound’s digital footprint and the print archives, the answer resounds. Not only is Christian university education credible, it transforms students, their communities and our culture. (Read more in this issue’s feature, “Are Christian Universities Worth Fighting For?”)

Even the magazine’s name emphasizes that in the stories of students, staff, faculty and alumni we see the ripple effects of God’s kingdom. Alumni like Hank de Jong ‘99 are transforming their communities, globally and locally, not in spite of their Christian education, but because of it.

In the year since the first issue of Resound hit doorsteps and inboxes, Redeemer has continued to invest in and launch initiatives like the new Intercultural and Urban Ministry program — which serves as an example from just one wing of the Redeemer 2020 Strategic Plan. We announced Re, a $20 million campaign that will fund Redeemer’s strategic plan. Redeemer partnered with the City of Hamilton, Mohawk and McMaster to create CityLAB, Hamilton’s newest innovation hub. These are just a few highlights. I also encourage you to discover where the year has taken the university and its students, faculty and alumni by viewing our interactive digital annual report.

The university and the Resound team remain as ambitious in the year to come. In the stories we tell and the culture students, alumni and faculty make, Redeemer continues to provide a countercultural answer to the question of “Why Christian education?”

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