Painting the Biblical Story
As her final project for REL 110: The Drama of Scripture, student Ingrid Bouma chose to depict the biblical narrative through a series of extraordinary original paintings.
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March 25, 2021

Portions of this article were originally published as part of The Center for Hebraic Thought’s Biblical Artist Series.

Throughout his past 10 years at Redeemer, associate professor and department chair of religion and theology Dr. David Beldman has taught the biblical story to first-year students using the six-act scheme of creation, fall and redemption:

Act 1: God Establishes His Kingdom (Creation)
Act 2: Rebellion in the Kingdom (Fall)
Act 3: The King Chooses Israel (Redemption Initiated)
Act 4: The Coming of the King (Redemption Accomplished)
Act 5: Spreading the News of the King (Mission of the Church)
Act 6: The Return of the King (Redemption Accomplished)

As their final assignment, students have the option of using their imaginations to make a creative representation of the biblical narrative. During the fall semester, student Ingrid Bouma produced eleven original paintings that weave together the story of Scripture. Ingrid’s project stands out not only because of it’s visual appeal, but its thoughtful structure that emphasizes key biblical themes. Get the full experience below.


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