Preparing for the Public Square
Honours history and political science major Joshua Hautala is bringing his Christian faith to the public square as he works towards a career in politics and law.
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October 18, 2019

Joshua Hautala is a well-known figure on campus (pictured above, far right). Actively engaged in extracurriculars and leadership roles while studying at Redeemer, Hautala is an ambitious student who can be spotted in the halls wearing his signature suit and tie to classes.

With a combined honours history and political science major as well as a general philosophy major, Hautala carries a heavy course load but has been enjoying every minute of it. Highlights of his studies thus far include being published alongside philosophy professor Dr. Adam Barkman with whom he co-wrote a chapter in WikiLeaking: The Ethics of Secrecy and Exposure, and taking Dr. Robert Joustra’s senior-level course on Political Islam while a second-year student. “To be challenged to such an extent that you are pushed past your limits every class and trying to hold your own in debates with students very much your academic superiors is as exhilarating as it is terrifying!” Hautala says of the course. Outside of coursework, he has worked as a teaching assistant in the philosophy department, helped peers as a writing and subject tutor, served on Student Senate, is currently serving as president of the Redeemer Conservative Club and the Redeemer Law Society and has begun serving a two-year term on the Academic Senate.

This past March, Hautala took part in the Government of Ontario’s post-secondary model parliament. Working as a representative for the PC party in the model, Hautala was appointed to the role of Minister of Finance and worked with his fellow model parliamentarians to prepare a proper legal bill to pass in the Legislative Chamber. “I was able not simply to study the political process, but to play the role of an MPP for a day,” he said of the experience. “The background knowledge of parliamentary procedure and general political theory that I had from Redeemer was invaluable to the actual practice of ‘doing politics.’”

Hautala has his sights set on law school and is studying in preparation for the LSAT, which he plans to take this fall. His ambition is to specialize in constitutional law and Native land claims and one day open his own law firm, run for office or perhaps even serve on the bench as a federal judge. Hautala is striving to make a positive impact on our culture by pairing his academic strengths and diligence with his Christian faith. With high aspirations for his future, Hautala is preparing well for service in the public square.

“My faith gives me the courage to pursue politics in my life and studies,” he sums. “It is a disservice to the Lord to avoid politics or to approach it as a non-Christian thing that we must barely tolerate. It is our duty to speak the truth, especially when it is not easy.”

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