Redeemer a FIT for Solar Energy
Project to generate electricity from rooftop panels nears completion
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August 8, 2011

As part of the federal government’s Knowledge in Infrastructure (KIP ) program, Redeemer is installing a new 131kw photovoltaic (PV) solar power system on the entire roof of the Academic Building. The long, flat design of Redeemer’s roofline, and the lack of tall buildings surrounding the campus, make it an ideal location for this technology. The system, to be installed by ARISE Technologies of Waterloo, will be operated under the Ontario government’s FIT program, allowing Redeemer to sell the clean electricity it generates back to the grid. The solar panel system is the last of more than 25 projects that have been funded through Industry Canada as part of KIP . Redeemer received grants for 50% of the cost of nearly $6 million worth of capital projects, ranging from laboratory upgrades and the refurbishing of administrative space to campus safety and energy efficiency initiatives. The remaining costs are being covered through Redeemer’s annual capital budget and by donations. David Sweet, Member of Parliament for Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale, recently toured Redeemer’s campus to see the improvements. “Our government is investing in research and training facilities at campuses across the country to create jobs and help our economy recover quickly while also improving access to research and educational opportunities for students and faculty,” said Mr. Sweet. “This project (KIP) represented the first-ever federal investment in capital projects at Redeemer University College – a campus that provides opportunities and facilities to the Ancaster community and, indeed, the entire region.” “ARISE is delighted to work with Redeemer on this exciting project,” stated John van de Vegte, ARISE’s General Manager, PV Systems. “The engineering work is now complete and we are looking forward to getting the installation work underway,” he added. Redeemer is grateful to the federal government and its support community for providing the resources necessary to complete these projects. “This is a wonderful example of what happens when community partners – in this case the federal and provincial governments, ARISE, our Physical Plant staff and our supporters – work together for a common goal,” notes Bill. van Staalduinen, Vice President, Advancement. “We wish to thank all our partners for helping to see this project through.” The target installation completion date is early September. Connection to the grid will happen once the final approval is received from Hydro One. A ceremony marking the activation of the system will take place on Monday, September 12 at 11:00 am in the Commons. Mr. Sweet, representatives from Arise Technologies, and Redeemer’s President, Dr. Hubert Krygsman, will be there to “flip the switch” signaling the project’s successful completion.

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