Redeemer Announces Record Enrolment
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September 28, 2010

Dr. Hubert R. Krygsman, President of Redeemer University College, today announced that 955 full and part-time students have enrolled at Redeemer for the Fall Term. This calculates to 915 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) students. In September of 2009, 918 students, representing 866 FTE, were enrolled. Both of these numbers are records for Redeemer, and well above the university’s original projection of 867 FTE students. Richard Wikkerink, Associate Vice President, Student Development and Registrar attributed the increase in part to the unique program offered at Redeemer. “There is a growing recognition of the value of our holistic approach to university education and to our integrated Christian worldview. Students from wider and increasingly diverse backgrounds are finding the type of education that we provide compelling.” Some other facts and figures regarding Redeemer’s 2010 Fall enrolment: Of the 298 new students, 268 are first-year (freshmen); Students at Redeemer come from 49 different denominations; Students come from 9 different countries, 5 US states and 9 Canadian provinces (no one from Saskatchewan is enrolled at Redeemer this year); More than 54% of first-year students were automatically awarded scholarships for outstanding academic achievements in high school. The total value of just those awards was more than $400,000. Commenting on the numbers, President Krygsman said, “Thanks to all who worked so hard to bring these students to us. That starts with our Recruitment Team, but extends to all those on our campus who strive to make this such a wonderful, caring community. Thanks also to the students and their families for this show of confidence and support. And thanks above all to God for blessing us so extravagantly. May we have the grace, strength, and inspiration to serve all of these students well.”

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