Redeemer Education Program Renews Accreditation
In 2018, Redeemer renewed its general accreditation with the Ontario College of Teachers for the Bachelor of Education program.

Redeemer’s Department of Education has been running for nearly three decades. The department first offered a Bachelor of Christian Education in the early 90s, preparing graduates to teach in independent Christian schools. In the decades that followed, the Education department has grown and expanded to equip students to work in public, Catholic and independent Christian schools. Since 2003, Redeemer has offered a Bachelor of Education leading to certification with the Ontario College of Teachers.

On September 1, 2015, the province of Ontario implemented an expanded initial teacher education program, doubling the required number of semesters (from two to four) and days students spend in practicum (from 40 to 80) to earn a bachelor of education degree. In response, Redeemer expanded its Education program, moving the three-semester program to four and requiring 110 days of practicum or field placement for students. Along with changes to align the education program with new provincial standards, Redeemer has developed new foundational courses, including an indigenous education course; and continues its focus on the integration of theory and practice. Through these changes, Redeemer seeks to hold fast to its mission of providing teacher education for faithful, effective and reflective professional practice.

“In the winter of 2018, the Ontario College of Teachers conducted an accreditation review to ensure that our redesigned program met provincial requirements,” explained Dr. Phil Teeuwsen associate professor of education. “Through this extensive review process, it was confirmed that the teacher education program at Redeemer fully meets regulatory requirements and has been once again granted general accreditation. This means that B.Ed. graduates from Redeemer will continue to be recommended for certification with the Ontario College of Teachers.“

Today, Redeemer’s Bachelor of Education program is a two-year course of study, grown out of a Christian perspective, providing significant opportunities for learning and practising classroom skills. The program, offered in both concurrent and consecutive formats, now has renewed general accreditation lasting until 2025, when it will be reviewed again as part of the regular accreditation review process. Redeemer’s Education department looks forward to increased enrolment this fall and continues to raise up faithful, effective, reflective and provincially certified educators.

Further details about the decision of the accreditation committee are available via the Ontario College of Teachers.

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