Redeemer in the Top 3…Again
Redeemer students rate their student experience as being one of the best in the country... again!
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February 27, 2012

Maclean’s magazine has published the results of The 2012 Canadian University Survey Consortium (CUSC), and they continue to show that students are very satisfied with their Redeemer experience! Redeemer was one of 25 universities to participate in the CUSC survey, which measures student satisfaction by asking about specific aspects of the undergraduate experience—inside the classroom and beyond. Here is how redeemer ranked in some of the areas of highest importance to students: How satisfied are you with the average size of our classes –1st. Most of my professors encourage students to participate in class discussions –2nd. At this university, professors treat students as individuals, not just numbers –2nd. Most of my professors are reasonably accessible outside of class to help students –2nd. My learning experiences at this university have been intellectually stimulating –3rd. Generally, I am satisfied with the quality of teaching I have received — 3rd. I am satisfied with my decision to attend this university –3rd. Some of these results are posted online at Maclean’s On Campus. Other CUSC results, along with those of another survey — the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) — were published on page 62 of the February 20, print issue of Maclean’s (Redeemer did not participate in NSSE). These are not isolated results, as Redeemer has worked continuously at creating an academic environment that repeatedly receives these high rankings. That Redeemer continues to fare so well in this and similar surveys — the results mirror those published in October’s Globe and Mail’s Canadian University Report — is a testament to the excellent teaching, listening and mentoring abilities of our engaged faculty. The level of personalized attention that Redeemer students experience in classrooms and labs, is a key factor in ensuring their academic success. These results also speak well of staff, of students working with students, and of the broader community of alumni and others who work to create an atmosphere of academic excellence,and who support our students in their studies and beyond.

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