From Redeemer to missions at home and abroad
Redeemer was a launching point for alumna Rhonda Elgersma into a career of missions work in Mexico and with churches in Ontario
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March 1, 2016

After graduating from Redeemer, Rhonda Elgersma ‘01 could have pursued a profession in social work, but “I knew I was being called into ministry work. But it wasn’t until I took my youth group on a short-term missions trip that I was reminded of the richness of being around people that looked, acted and lived differently than I did,” she shared. Elgersma moved to Mexico to serve with the missions organization she had visited with her youth group. What started as a season of figuring out what’s next became living in Mexico for seven years and becoming a director of a missions base in Ensenada, Mexico. “It was when I was walking through the poverty-stricken villages, or sharing a meal in a humble home or calling North Americans to a life of justice and mercy that I realized global missions was now part of my passion and calling,” Elgersma said.

Elgersma is now transitioning this vision of action, change and mission into life in Ontario, and her role as Ministry Partner Program coordinator with World Renew. “My role with World Renew allows me to marry my passion for the local church and the global church. I love that I get to help equip, train and stir up life among our sometimes sleeping culture here in Canada – myself included,” Elgersma reflected.

“Redeemer gave me an incredible ‘big picture understanding’ of our world, of our faith, of our place in it.”

Her years at Redeemer would become a launching point: “My time at Redeemer gave me an incredible ‘big picture understanding’– of our world, of our faith, of our place in it. I didn’t just zero into my specific field of study, but sharing life with dorm-mates, fellow students, staff and professors was so rich and significant. It taught me so much that I have carried with me as I have lived and served in various community environments.”

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