Redeemer Raises the Roof
Dome over sports field inflated
1 min. read
September 23, 2011

It only took 4 hours to complete the most striking feature of a project 2 years in the making. This morning, crews inflated the fabric roof on Redeemer’s new sports field, the last major structural component of Redeemer’s Sports Complex. Constructed in partnership with Ancaster Soccer Club, the domed field is the most visible part of a major renovation of Redeemer’s sports fields. The complex is truly a community partnership. Besides the involvement of Ancaster Soccer, which will use the field for its indoor soccer program, all three levels of government contributed funding – for a total of $3.6 million – towards the construction. This is a transformative project for Redeemer, especially its athletic programs. The grass surface of the existing Redeemer soccer field was replaced with a Class ‘A’ artificial turf surface. Lights and bleachers were also added to the field, meaning that not only will there be a longer season of use for the field, but that it can be used longer each day as well. The domed field, which will be the main field utilized for major competitions and varsity games, also has a Class ‘A’ artificial turf field, lights and bleachers. The dome is designed to be able to be removed for events in the spring, summer and fall. It is attached to a new clubhouse which houses home and visitor change rooms, washrooms, offices, and concessions.

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