Redeemer Receives Grant for Mental Health Initiative
Stronger Together grant to develop strategy to support students
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June 23, 2012

Redeemer University College has received a grant from Stronger Together to develop a mental health strategy to support university and college students. The grant will be used to design, develop and implement a holistic, communal, collaborative mental health strategy.In particular, the funding will enable Redeemer to: research mental health models specific to post-secondary settings; develop a mental health strategy appropriate for Redeemer; disseminate information through web and print-based resources and training workshops. This project was proposed in response to mounting concerns regarding mental health among university and college students, including students at Christian post-secondary institutions such as Redeemer. Nancy Hartholt, Redeemer’s Disability Services Coordinator, has seen the need to develop mental health strategies at Redeemer and helped draft the grant proposal, based in part on her research. “The goal is to develop an integrated approach that increases mental health capacity involving Redeemer students, staff and faculty,” notes Dr. Karen Cornies, Redeemer’s Dean of Students and author of the proposal. “We want to develop consistent and appropriate responses and interventions for students who are dealing with — or at risk of — mental health concerns, within a caring, Christian community.” Over the next few months, Student Life staff will be researching best practices at other universities and developing resources and training for staff and faculty to increase recognition of and informed response to mental health concerns. The overall strategy and the resources developed will be shared with other Christian colleges and universities next year. “We want to create a support model for Christian universities and colleges that do not have the capacity to address this issue,” notes Dr. Cornies. “We are very grateful for the support from Stronger Together,” says Dr. Cornies. “Being able to identify, assess and respond to a student’s mental health concerns will greatly increase their opportunity to succeed at their studies. We look forward to developing and sharing this strategy.”

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