Redeemer University College Announces Plans for $4.8 Million Soccer Complex
World-Class Soccer Facilities Coming to Redeemer
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September 1, 2009

Plans are underway for a new state-of-the-art soccer facility for Redeemer University College. The complex is valued at $4.8 Million dollars and includes two separate artificial turf fields. David Sweet, Member of Parliament for Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale and MPP Ted McMeekin, Minister of Consumer Services, announced today that Redeemer University College will be receiving $1,000,000 from both the Recreational Infrastructure Canada Program in Ontario (RInC Ontario) and Ontario Recreation Program (Ontario REC) to fund construction of a shared-use soccer facility at Redeemer University College. Councilor Lloyd Ferguson announced that the City of Hamilton is also looking at ways to support the project. Redeemer will partner with Ancaster Soccer (a local soccer club) to raise the remaining funds. The current Redeemer soccer field will be transformed into a Class ‘A’ artificial turf field with lights and bleachers. The second field, which will be the main field utilized for major competitions and varsity games, will also be a Class ‘A’ artificial turf field. It will have lights and bleachers as well and will include a temporary dome for the winter time covering the entire field for practice, events, and competitions all year round. The main field will also have a permanent clubhouse situated beside the field and will include home and visitor change rooms, washrooms, offices, and concessions. With the addition of the soccer complex, the Royals varsity programs will see an immediate impact. Both men’s and women’s soccer teams will be training and playing on fields equal to the best in Ontario and among the elite in the OCAA. Because of the inflatable covered structure in the winter months, it will also allow the teams to train and compete throughout the off-season and winter months. The two turf fields will allow for more flexible varsity practice times as well as the ability to host major events. The complex will allow the indoor soccer programs to have all-year access to a practice facility as well as provide the opportunity to host indoor tournaments and events. Aside from the improvements to the current varsity soccer programs, there are many other benefits to the soccer complex. Redeemer’s Campus Recreation program will be revamped and will also see benefits as it will provide another space for intramural and extramural activities. It will grant the ability to run more programs indoors throughout the winter months and allow for more participants. The complex will provide Ancaster and the City of Hamilton and the surrounding area with a Class ‘A’ field for rental and for hosting events. The field will be available for public use and will offer the space and opportunity for player and coach development as well as for clubs, leagues, and academy’s to train and run programs all year long. Construction will begin once the remaining funds are in place and Redeemer’s Board of Governors has given its approval.

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