A Small Program with a Big Punch
Alumna Paige Louter '13 has been involved in a variety of experiential learning opportunities since graduating
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October 20, 2016

Paige Louter ’13 chose Redeemer’s theatre arts program because it’s well-rounded, and because it’s small. “For me, the program size was actually hugely beneficial: I got to try my hand at scenic art, production administration, hair and makeup design, stage management, and acting.”

Rather than studying one specific aspect of theatre, Paige took a well-rounded approach from the get-go. She also didn’t compete against hundreds of other students for opportunities. “As a result,” she says, “I think there was always an incredibly strong sense of community and collaboration among theatre students across the years, rather than an atmosphere of competition.”

Redeemer’s interdisciplinary approach has paid off for Paige—she completed an MA in Drama and Theatre at the National University of Ireland (NUI), Galway this past year. Her theatre arts and English double majors—two programs that complement each other—enabled Paige to approach her graduate work with confidence.

While in Galway, she had the opportunity to intern with Druid Theatre, one of Ireland’s top theatre companies. “I would have been incredibly intimidated about working with them if I didn’t already have a strong understanding of what it takes to mount productions and provide administrative and production support to the more visible creative work of the actors.”

“I think there was always an incredibly strong sense of community and collaboration among theatre students across the years, rather than an atmosphere of competition.”

Paige is currently participating in an apprenticeship with Pacific Theatre, a Christian theatre company based in Vancouver. The company produces theatre that explores the more spiritual aspects of human experience, while also providing emerging artists the opportunity to practice and produce professional theatre. “Taking several studio art courses at Redeemer helped me with my scenic art and design work, which I’m excited to continue developing at Pacific Theatre. My apprenticeship involves a mixture of administrative work, production work, acting, and design work, and I really feel like my experience as a student at Redeemer has prepared me well.”

Regardless of where Paige is headed—whether overseas or in North America—she doesn’t regret choosing Redeemer. “Making a life in theatre requires a lot of internal motivation,” she says. “I’m grateful to the professors at Redeemer for providing me with so many opportunities to flex those muscles early on, and for pushing their students to pursue academic and professional excellence.”

Paige, like many Redeemer theatre arts grads, was heavily involved in play productions while at school. This fall, take in Front, a mainstage drama set during the Second World War.

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