Student Life Award Recipients Announced
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April 29, 2010

Each year Redeemer University College recognizes one female and one male student through the Student Life Award. This award is given to two students who exemplify a Christian commitment expressed in all areas of university life and involvement in extra-curricular activities. They also must be respected student leaders who have a positive influence on campus culture. The criteria for receiving this award are: (1) a Christian commitment expressed in all areas of University life, (2) academic diligence, (3) involvement in extra-curricular activities such as choir, theatre, athletics, yearbook, the Minstrel, Student Senate etc. (4) a concerned individual who cares about and has a positive influence on campus culture/morale (5) a student leader; a person who is respected by peers as well as faculty and staff. This year’s female recipient, Amy Peek, has been involved in a number of activities at Redeemer. She has been a member of Church-in-the-Box for several years and has served on the Spiritual and Services Committee of Student Senate. She has been a freshman orientation leader; played varsity soccer both indoor and outdoor, and gone on a Mississippi mission trip. She has led and participated in several on campus Bible studies and has sough to integrate her faith and her academics and to model this for her peers. The male recipient, Jan Korevaar, has been described as a quiet intellectual leader of the student body. He cares about life and relationships and has served on Student Senate as Vice President, as well as on the varsity long distance track team. Jan has worked in the Writing Centre, participated in Thursday night soccer leagues at the Wentworth Arena, and has gone on mission trips with Redeemer to Mississippi. Congratulations to both Amy and Jan for their achievements.

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