Student Profile: Jamie Eaton
Fourth-year environmental science student Jamie Eaton desires to learn more about the intricacies of God’s creation and to share her faith boldly.
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September 29, 2022

Home Base

I have lived in Bracebridge, Ontario my whole life. It is a small-ish town north of Hamilton. Most people would know the area as Muskoka/cottage country.


I am an honours environmental science major with a minor in biology.

Stimulating Subject Matter

I think the most interesting thing I have learned is that, even though Redeemer is a Dutch Reformed university, there are many people here who have differing opinions and come from different faith backgrounds.

Unique You

I used to play the cornet in a semi-professional brass band called the Divisional Youth Band of the Salvation Army (DYB for short).

Faith Moment

I am a first-generation Christian. Neither my parents, my grandparents or even my great-grandparents attend church or believe that Jesus is saviour. I wish to share the Word of God with them and help lead them to salvation. This makes my faith meaningful every day because I know God led me to him even when I did not have the same influence as other Christians around me.

In Conversation with Christ

If I could ask Jesus a question face-to-face, I’d ask how the weather is up there? Just kidding. I think I would ask why speciation is a thing. Like seriously, what is the point of having a species turn into another very similar species? Or why did God create mosquitoes?

Redeemer Love

I think the common answer when people are asked what their favourite thing about Redeemer is, would be: the people. But, even though this is true, I would have to say my favourite thing about Redeemer is the classes. Being in such a small university helps you really get face-to-face learning within the classrooms and get to know your professors personally. I find that this creates a better learning experience and engages each student.

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