Student Profile: Tyler Kwalik
Fifth-year clinical psychology student Tyler Kwalik is learning to rely on God’s faithfulness through every circumstance.
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October 28, 2021

Home Base

I grew up in Sherwood Park, Alberta, but have been living in Peterborough, Ontario since 2017.


I am doing an honours major in clinical psychology.

Stimulating Subject Matter

In History of Psychology, Dr. Kosits journeyed with us in retrieving the “Christian psychology of the past’’ in arguing that psychology has its roots in Christian thought, yet this history has been largely ignored in the modern-day, secular history of psychology.

Unique You

I’d say the fact that I’m an only child makes me pretty unique, especially at Redeemer. One time in Adolescent Psychology, Dr. Needham asked the class if anyone was an only child. Of the class of 65 students, one other student and I raised our hands. That, and my mom is one of 12 siblings.

Faith Moment

My faith played a key role in anchoring me during the lockdowns we had here in Ontario, in particular when we couldn’t attend church physically. My faith assured me that Christ is still with us even when we can’t meet in congregant settings. The pandemic has caused a lot of uncertainty in general as well. It was uncertain whether I was going to be able to get a job this past summer, uncertain whether we would be able to go to class in person both last year and this fall, and the list goes on. But through it all, I always went back to something I was told back in my first year at Redeemer: When life is uncertain, God is faithful!

In Conversation with Christ

Of the many, many questions that I would ask Jesus, I would ask him about the “hidden years,” the parts of his life that aren’t mentioned in the Bible. What was it like growing up knowing you were the Son of God? What was your childhood like? What was your life like before you began your ministry?

Redeemer Love

I love the professors, particularly the professors in the psychology department. The professors at Redeemer aren’t merely professors, but also mentors, colleagues and friends. Some would even say family. They have a deep care for students that is truly extraordinary.

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