Students Report on Summer Scientific Research
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August 16, 2010

At the recent Fifth Annual Sciences Division Undergraduate Research Symposium, nine students presented the results of summer research projects that were undertaken in Redeemer’s Sciences Division and beyond. The students were joined by Redeemer sciences faculty, the Research and Faculty Development Office, a representative from the Natural Sciences and Engineering and Research Council of Canada (NSERC), Redeemer’s VP Academic and chaplain, as well as friends and family of the students. The research topics were stimulating and diverse: computer modeling of turbulence in the atmosphere and numerical methods for quantum mechanics (Physics); exploring fundamental properties of matrices (Mathematics); computing methods for automated sorting of recyclable plastics (Computer Science); new methods for probing the molecular structure of materials (Chemistry); searching for a protein that controls muscle activity in insects and for a protein that may play a role in causing a form of leukemia (Biology). Two of the students were from McMaster and worked under the supervision of Redeemer professors, one Redeemer student carried out research at the University of Western Ontario, while the other research projects were supervised by Redeemer professors, several of which involved collaborators from other institutions such as McMaster and Lakehead Universities and the National Research Council in Ottawa. Most of the research was funded by the NSERC including several of the students’ salaries through prestigious Undergraduate Student Research Awards. Scientific research is a high priority in the sciences division at Redeemer, with most faculty carrying out ongoing research programs that are funded by multi-year research grants from NSERC. The smaller size of Redeemer provides unique opportunities for our undergraduate students to work alongside professors in these research programs. For all of the students, this summer has provided a valuable experience well beyond what is taught in the classroom and has helped prepare them for graduate school, medical school, and employment in industry once they graduate. We look forward to seeing all that our students will do after Redeemer.

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