Four graduating art students reflect on their senior exhibitions and how their passions were deepened by studying inside and outside their majors.
Amelia Bowes / June 10, 2021
As her final project for REL 110: The Drama of Scripture, student Ingrid Bouma chose to depict the biblical narrative through a series of extraordinary original paintings.
Amelia Bowes / March 25, 2021
Redeemer's senior art students share their experiences working and creating amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
Amelia Bowes / May 12, 2020
Getting to know senior art student, Brookelyn Heintzman
Renessa Visser / March 15, 2019
Fuelled by a six-week residency at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Phil Irish’s latest exhibition, mount pile, explores the natural and artificial summits of the world.
Dan Galenkamp / June 27, 2017
Museum collections manager Michael VanHartingsveldt ‘11 has taught, travelled, worked and studied in five different countries since graduation.
Dan Galenkamp / May 29, 2017
New Life Christian Reformed Church reflects this Lent with the artwork of Redeemer art students’ Imago Dei show
Beth Van Lingen / March 21, 2017
Miranda Van Rooyen ‘17 draws inspiration for her senior art exhibit from her internship at art outreach centre RE-create.
Dan Galenkamp / February 10, 2017
Redeemer art professors see changing attitudes toward the use of art in the church
Marie Versteeg / May 30, 2016

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