Chapel Messages

A testimony from third-year student Natalie Lantz.
Natalie Lantz / February 3, 2020
Dr. Ken Herfst’s chapel message on John 12:1-11. 
Ken Herfst / January 3, 2020
Fourth year theology and philosophy student Ruth Chan shares a reflection on how God has shaped her during her education.
Beth Van Lingen / April 27, 2018
Dr. Jim Vanderwoerd's chapel message on Ephesians 2.
James R. Vanderwoerd / April 27, 2018
Mary Ann Benjamins' chapel testimony on Habakkuk 3:17-19
Mary Ann Benjamins / November 16, 2017
Dr. David Zietsma's chapel message on Matthew 5:13-16.
David Zietsma / September 29, 2017
Professor Ken Herfst's chapel message on Matthew 4:12-25.
Ken Herfst / September 19, 2017
Interim president Fred Verwoerd's 2017 opening convocation address
Dan Galenkamp / September 14, 2017

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