Despite her time being cut short due to COVID-19, fourth-year student Anna Bailey still experienced tremendous personal, academic and spiritual growth while studying abroad at Oxford University.
Amelia Bowes / November 6, 2020
From The Handmaid's Tale to Shakespeare's tragedies, Dr. Ben Faber considers the value of teaching literature.
Ben Faber / October 5, 2018
Redeemer's Dr. Deborah Bowen explores in her public work and research how poetry can uniquely inspire us to care for the environment.
Lindsay Barden / September 18, 2018
This summer, Redeemer student Anna Bailey '21 attended The World Journalism Institute at Dordt College to learn storytelling and technical skills for the newsroom.
Lindsay Barden / September 18, 2018
The essay, written on Donne's Holy Sonnet 14, is available to read online
Ben Faber / November 23, 2017
Well-beloved English professor retires from her post
Dan Galenkamp / March 10, 2017
Dr. Madhur Anand, professor of ecology at the University of Guelph, reads from her latest book of poetry at Redeemer.
Elise Arsenault / February 2, 2017
Doug Sikkema ‘06 and Dr. Deborah Bowen spearhead the Ross and Davis Mitchell Prize for Faith and Writing
Dan Galenkamp / December 1, 2016
Brent van Staalduinen '01 and John Terpstra sign, speak and share excerpts from their new books.
Dan Galenkamp / November 29, 2016
How an ordinary 12th century woman ruffled feathers by following Jesus, and inspires us to do the same
Beth Van Lingen / November 28, 2016
Student Elise Arsenault and alumnus Brent van Staalduinen take part in the 2016 Short Works Prize
Beth Van Lingen / October 20, 2016
Dr. Deborah Bowen explores environmental apocalypse and hope in Margaret Atwood’s "MaddAddam" trilogy.
Marie Versteeg / September 30, 2016
Several events to launch new novel
Beth Van Lingen / February 9, 2016
Redeemer front and centre at this year's Short Works Prize
Beth Van Lingen / October 3, 2015

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