As an undergraduate, Dr. Heather DeHaan ’96 took a history class that shaped her education and led her on a journey into foreign lands.
Andrea Reynolds / November 6, 2020
As academia's intellectual fashions shift from decade to decade, Christian universities stand out.
Kevin Flatt / March 7, 2018
Alumnus James Buck's fascination with history and love for his country have fuelled his desire to become an officer in the Canadian military.
Dan Galenkamp / March 7, 2018
Outside Western Europe and North America, the world seems to be getting more religious, not less. What if secularization is not the inevitable future of religion in all societies, but one of many...
Kevin Flatt / June 27, 2017
Dr. Kevin Flatt aims to change how we understand the history of secularization.
Marie Versteeg / February 27, 2017
Students contribute to making history accessible on the web
Beth Van Lingen / October 1, 2016
Teaching in Indigenous communities
Tim Wolfert / March 1, 2016
Redeemer alumnus explores the theology and history of a Canadian suburb
Beth Van Lingen / December 8, 2015

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